While she is pregnant all people around her gives advice & share their experience. But sometime she needs advise from gynaecologist. But not all females are lucky to conceive a baby naturally. Hence, through IVF treatment those can fulfil their dream to become parents. Here, at best IVF centre in Bhavnagar doctors are well known for their expertise in IVF treatments.

Female Infertility Treatment

Female Infertility Treatment

Once your healthcare provider has diagnosed female infertility and pinpointed the cause, there are a variety of treatment options. The cause of the infertility guides the type of treatment. For example, structural problems may be treated through surgeries, while hormonal medications can be used for other issues (ovulation issues, thyroid conditions). Many patients will require artificial insemination (injecting washed sperm into the uterus after ovulation) or in vitro fertilization (fertilizing eggs with sperm in the lab to make embryos, and then transferring the embryos into the uterus).

Here are some Tips by Top Gynaecologist for Successful IVF Treatment in Bhavnagar.

1] Maintain a healthy nutritious diet

Healthy nutritious diet plays vital role in any kind of IVF treatments to boost fertility. You should drink plenty of clean water, eat green vegetables, fruits. As one is taking progesterone in large amount due to which stomach related issues like stomach pain, constipation, loss of appetite causes hence you should eat at small interval of time. Foods that are high on glycaemic index (GI) must be avoided. GI determines how easily the food can be digested by your body. Legumes, broccoli, sweet potato and mushrooms have a low GI and must be included in your diet. Eating monosaturated fats or good fats can help you improve your fertility level, and this includes olive oil, nuts avocados etc. solicit the recommendations on a balanced diet from the dietician at the IVF centre and make sure that you follow the diet plan religiously.

2] Research & seal

When you search for the best IVF centre in Bhavnagar, the major points you should consider are as follows: cost of the treatment, successful rate of IVF deliveries, how long has the IVF centre been in operation, technology used, pregnancy rate in your age group, ratio of pregnancy to embryo transfer. Pick the right hospital which provides personalised care, advanced laboratory facility, customise IVF treatment, where doctor resolve all queries. Hospital should be choosing where analysis carried out of previous failure.

3] Managing stress

Focus on self-care, allow your days be goods & be prepared for bad days. For reducing stress one should avoid rigorous exercise, rather mild exercise like walking, yoga, medication, acupressure etc. suggested by the fertility experts. Additionally, you should avoid alcohol, smoking, etc. which drastically affect egg quality, quality of embryos, embryos development. Stay positive & stress free as stress affect adversely on pregnancy or creates problems in implantation. Start your treatment with positive approach. Hope for the best as 35% is the success rate & be prepared for negative report as well. Take plenty of sleep is also very important.

4] Take supplements

As per reports, Vitamin D is said to have a major impact on IVF results. Talk to the doctor at IVF hospital so that your vitamin D levels can be checked, and if needed supplements should be taken to bring the levels in tandem with the required standards.

5] Holistic Approach

Your lifestyle is one of the major reasons behind the inability to conceive. You can do all your regular activities with schedule. Stay safe from infectious diseases.

6] Finding Support

Now days it is very common to have conversation with friends & family about their experiences of fertility journey/treatment with each other which helps you to stay comfortable during your process. We also have access to online sites for information.

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